The Life~

When you look at him and see his talents, you would be like “he’s the leader”.

He’s got the feel of being a leader and knows how to be a good one. he takes good care of the dongsaengs as well as the hyungs. he is loyal to his best friend, dongyoungbae. he’s the leader that puts Big Bang first before anything else.

Even if it means getting in the way of his solo activities. The song “Lies”, he originally wrote it for his solo album, but he instead gave it to Big Bang. His solo was suppose to debut in spring 2009. But he went into extreme depression and took vacation away to get better. He then decided to put his solo album aside and worked on Big Bang’s japanese promotions. He finally debuted in August on his birthday. Which made him the happiest person alive.

You could just see it in his face when he got the album, laying on his bed. That album he worked on for so long and waited for a long time, was bashed so much. Haters bashed him so much, with harsh words. It killed him inside but he pretended to be strong and smiled for V.I.Ps. He doesn’t like showing his wounds.

He always gets bashed for being his true self. “He’s coldhearted. Even to fans.” He always hears those words and whispers. But the people around him, who know him very well said he isn’t like that at all. He cares for the people he loves very much. He’s the leader that cried talking about his best friend. That visited DaeSung alot at the hospital. The leader that cares so so much for the maknae even though he teases him alot. The leader who keeps a brotherly relationship with T.O.P. We shouldn’t judge him because of how he looks or he may be oneday. Not every idol is perfect. They don’t always have their best days. He’s only human and alot of people forget that. He may not be truly perfect but i think he’s pretty well close to it. Maybe to you guys, all this doesn’t mean much to you. But to Big Bang and JiYong it means alot. Big Bang were also effected by JiYong’s troubles with this album, but they stood by his side.

This touched my heart so much.

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