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My VI Album Has Arrived!!

weee….Finally,VI’s Album arrived tomorrow! With A big poster too!! so ecxited to touch it! Now,i keep on listening it on my computer~

check it out:


I’m Still waiting for my GDTOP’s album..It hasn’t arrived yet.Hope It’ll arrive as soon as i can keep on staring the album all day..haha


GD & TOP Debut Stage on Inkigayo~!! ><

Waw!! what an amazing show from my BF haha….Just Kidding..But enjoy the show..

cr : welovebigbang

High High~~~

WuuWhhh….My Fav Singer are goin to released their new album..GDTOP_High High.The song was very good to hear..I’m sure u will like it *if you’re Hip hoP loVerZZ* Here is the MV…*sorry for the late post..cuz i’m so busy this day*

Watch!! Watch!!

YiPpeE..So happy todae..Cuz finally i’m able to watch Bigbang show,ELT and Shine a light..I just bought the DVD yesterday..But i don’t bought the original one..I’ll buy the ori one when Bigbang’s comeback album are available!! Can’t wait for it!!

Here is the photo of the DVD~ ^^

*Taeyang wedding dress remake video*


Bwahahaha…funny..but amazing..I like it..But..i saw a little mistake on the video.I saw ‘Gee’ by SNSD score in the  beggining of the video..How could it be?? This is wedding dress right?? haha..LMAO~

G-D “G-Market Party” Full MV released!


wAahhHHaa..Finnaly the MV released!! I’m waiting so long for this one!! So excited to hear his voice and see him dance like this~..*shy* so sweet~

Gdragon Hinted That Gmarket’s CF Is COMING SOON!

Ah..I can’t wait for it already!! Hope it’ll be released soon!!!