Gdragon Hinted That Gmarket’s CF Is COMING SOON!

Ah..I can’t wait for it already!! Hope it’ll be released soon!!!


CooL eyes..Freezing..

Freeze me..haha..his eyes was so cool..

Cute Smile

Ah..His cute. ><

Thailand’s version of Taeyang ?

Some (not me) have called Korean popstar Taeyang an Omarion imitator or a wannabe, but at least that boy can sing. Howang Wang, former Thai popstar from the kid boy group GIANT, who is currently trying to revive is nonexistent music career in Thailand, can barely dance, sing or rap, which makes this situation even more embarrassing.

Since his fall from fame way back when, Howard went back to Taiwan. He returned recently with a thick Chinese (Mandarin)-Thai accent, which some Thai netizens mocked, calling Howard Wang a guy who speaks nonsense. Yea, you should watch or listen to his interviews, his Chinese accent was so overpowering, I wasn’t sure if he was speaking Thai when he really was. I know, I’m bad. It can’t be helped he grew up in Taiwan. At least he is trying.

They say his Thai has improved since then, but as for his music career he should JUST stop. Howard signed with Imusic and released a single. His song is titled “Anyone”, the music video for the song is a replica of Taeyang’s “Where you at?” MV. The atmosphere, the dancing, the clothing, the everything is very similar to Taeyang’s song and MV. Thai netizens are annoyed, they are embarrassed, and they are not stupid.

In the behind the scenes clip for the MV, Howard Wang’s producer Vitamin A (What the fudge kinda name is that?) claimed they were trying to make Howard look more modern, be cool, with a hint of hip-hop. Producer Vitamin A claimed that they discuss the concept with Howard and other team members extensively to make this single and the MV aligned with Howard’s personality and style. They were trying to make it original as possible. REALLY? What a load of bull.

As for the choreography, Howard trained for 2-3 months, it was very tiring, he said. The choreographers should have said they copied from Taeyang instead of saying they mixed a variety of hip hop dance styles together. No you didn’t.

There is nothing wrong with Tpop, I like Tpop when it’s good, when they are not trying to copy Kpop.

Source : Written by kacey(not me)

According to me, I don’t like if Howard copied Taeyang’s..But it’s okay,I forgive him.

The Life~

When you look at him and see his talents, you would be like “he’s the leader”.

He’s got the feel of being a leader and knows how to be a good one. he takes good care of the dongsaengs as well as the hyungs. he is loyal to his best friend, dongyoungbae. he’s the leader that puts Big Bang first before anything else.

Even if it means getting in the way of his solo activities. The song “Lies”, he originally wrote it for his solo album, but he instead gave it to Big Bang. His solo was suppose to debut in spring 2009. But he went into extreme depression and took vacation away to get better. He then decided to put his solo album aside and worked on Big Bang’s japanese promotions. He finally debuted in August on his birthday. Which made him the happiest person alive.

You could just see it in his face when he got the album, laying on his bed. That album he worked on for so long and waited for a long time, was bashed so much. Haters bashed him so much, with harsh words. It killed him inside but he pretended to be strong and smiled for V.I.Ps. He doesn’t like showing his wounds.

He always gets bashed for being his true self. “He’s coldhearted. Even to fans.” He always hears those words and whispers. But the people around him, who know him very well said he isn’t like that at all. He cares for the people he loves very much. He’s the leader that cried talking about his best friend. That visited DaeSung alot at the hospital. The leader that cares so so much for the maknae even though he teases him alot. The leader who keeps a brotherly relationship with T.O.P. We shouldn’t judge him because of how he looks or he may be oneday. Not every idol is perfect. They don’t always have their best days. He’s only human and alot of people forget that. He may not be truly perfect but i think he’s pretty well close to it. Maybe to you guys, all this doesn’t mean much to you. But to Big Bang and JiYong it means alot. Big Bang were also effected by JiYong’s troubles with this album, but they stood by his side.

This touched my heart so much.


Clover (Trifolium), or trefoil, is a genus of about 300 species of plants in the leguminous pea family Fabaceae. Legumes are ecologically important in that they fix nitrogen into the soil, and have therefore been a valuable resource throughout farming history. The genus has a cosmopolitan distribution; the highest diversity is found in the temperate Northern Hemisphere, but many species also occur in South America and Africa, including at high altitudes on mountains in the tropics. They are small annual, biennial, or short-lived perennial herbaceous plants. The leaves are trifoliate (rarely 5- or 7-foliate), with stipules adnate to the leaf-stalk, and heads or dense spikes of small red, purple, white, or yellow flowers; the small, few-seeded pods are enclosed in the calyx. Other closely related genera often called clovers include Melilotus (sweet clover) and Medicago (alfalfa or ‘calvary clover’). The “shamrock” of popular iconography is sometimes considered to be young clover. The scientific name derives from the Latin tres, “three”, and folium, “leaf”, so called from the characteristic form of the leaf, which has three leaflets (trifoliate); hence the popular name trefoil. Clovers are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera (butterfly and moth) species

I ever heard that the clover with four leaves,could bring luck for us.But actually i don’t know it’s true or not.

Crazy About Game??

Well,do you still remember the Canaan game online i’ve ever talked about in the recent post??

Yes..Maybe i’ve been crazy to play it nowadays..It’s  quite nice.I always play it with my friends as a…If you interested in this game,you may visit here n make a new account!!!

Have fun guys~!!