Bigbang has just finished performing amazing show @Singapore…

Really love the concert.All of The Singer may tired after the show.Hope they could have a good rest after arrive @Korea~


Get Mad


I hate my sister!! very very hate her!! she’s such an anoying person.She likes to make me angry as a result,i’ll get punished by my parents.She always makes many noise in my rooms,and that caused me to yelled at her or hit her.Then she would tell either my mom or my dad.

CiihhHh..such a fool sister.She often teased me,and make me get mad.She knows that i can’t control my emotion.I could get mad so easily.That’s why she likes to teased me,so i’ll got punished.

Really wanna stay away from her.So that i couldn’t see her face anymore.But what can i do? She likes to follow me to eveywhere (often)..

huHuhh..HATE HER



HwahH~ I’m full right now..i’ve just had my simple lunch with my family.With capcai(Chinese vegetable),home-made chicken,and soup..

Hmmhh…I ate it quickly just now and return to infront of my computer screen as quick as i can,and continue to watch my favourite idol’s concert via fancam.I feel jealous to the person who attent the concert and was able to took as many picture as they can!!

So,now my Daddy shouted at me and asked me to close my inet,and start hitting the books.How pitty i am..=.=