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My VI Album Has Arrived!!

weee….Finally,VI’s Album arrived tomorrow! With A big poster too!! so ecxited to touch it! Now,i keep on listening it on my computer~

check it out:


I’m Still waiting for my GDTOP’s album..It hasn’t arrived yet.Hope It’ll arrive as soon as i can keep on staring the album all day..haha


ConfussssIinnGG @.@

Now,This month was full of test scheduLE…SooO depressed of it.

Tommorow,Will be my math test.I’ve studied well for tomorrow.Hope my math result will be better than the others subject.

I’m sure,my mandarin’s result,wiLL be hinger than the previOus…

@.@ so dizzy of biology…I thought that my bio would be the lowest resuLt this time.

But i have to be patient.3 more days left..and i’ll be able to throw away all my memories of test materiaL..and goin’ to have refreshing and fun time for Christmas!! Praise the Lord~!!

Jingle…beLL~~~ Jingle..BelLL~~

Watch!! Watch!!

YiPpeE..So happy todae..Cuz finally i’m able to watch Bigbang show,ELT and Shine a light..I just bought the DVD yesterday..But i don’t bought the original one..I’ll buy the ori one when Bigbang’s comeback album are available!! Can’t wait for it!!

Here is the photo of the DVD~ ^^

GD dates Japanese Model???? Can’t believe this!

OMG…my tears are almost fall down…Can’t handdle my feelings anymore..Wish this article was wrong.. How….

Back in August this year,the rumour started that they are dating each other,GD and Japanese American model Kiko Mizuhara.

But YG entertainment stated that they are just friends.

Again,the scandal continues with a little more spice that they were spotted with the same “couple” rings and netizens have evidence that they are using iPhone.(GD black and model white)

Why?? I fell so down in the dumps suddenly..This article drive me crazy.Don’t know how to say a single word and just stared at my computer screen..I want to cry,but my tears can’t fall down…It’s so hurt.But what can i do?? I just can wish the best for them (if it’s true) But i wonder,It’s just a rumor..

(via welovebigbang)

Experiment, Frog Surgery (?), Whateve~

Heyy~~ Do ya know what happen 2 days at school??

Yeah..Nothin’ special right?? hm..But at least i don’t have any homework that day..~

Okae…last afternoon,I done an experiment…We dissect a FROG..

It’s a lil bit disgusting..But it’s fun.I could learn and know how to do the experiment,and learnt about the organs..

I took a picture of it 2 days is the pic~ haha..Don’t be too surprised ok..

*sorry for the late posting..I can post it directly neither 2 days ago nor yesterday ,because there are something wrong with my connection..and it was too i decided to post it today..

Cute Smile

Ah..His cute. ><

Thailand’s version of Taeyang ?

Some (not me) have called Korean popstar Taeyang an Omarion imitator or a wannabe, but at least that boy can sing. Howang Wang, former Thai popstar from the kid boy group GIANT, who is currently trying to revive is nonexistent music career in Thailand, can barely dance, sing or rap, which makes this situation even more embarrassing.

Since his fall from fame way back when, Howard went back to Taiwan. He returned recently with a thick Chinese (Mandarin)-Thai accent, which some Thai netizens mocked, calling Howard Wang a guy who speaks nonsense. Yea, you should watch or listen to his interviews, his Chinese accent was so overpowering, I wasn’t sure if he was speaking Thai when he really was. I know, I’m bad. It can’t be helped he grew up in Taiwan. At least he is trying.

They say his Thai has improved since then, but as for his music career he should JUST stop. Howard signed with Imusic and released a single. His song is titled “Anyone”, the music video for the song is a replica of Taeyang’s “Where you at?” MV. The atmosphere, the dancing, the clothing, the everything is very similar to Taeyang’s song and MV. Thai netizens are annoyed, they are embarrassed, and they are not stupid.

In the behind the scenes clip for the MV, Howard Wang’s producer Vitamin A (What the fudge kinda name is that?) claimed they were trying to make Howard look more modern, be cool, with a hint of hip-hop. Producer Vitamin A claimed that they discuss the concept with Howard and other team members extensively to make this single and the MV aligned with Howard’s personality and style. They were trying to make it original as possible. REALLY? What a load of bull.

As for the choreography, Howard trained for 2-3 months, it was very tiring, he said. The choreographers should have said they copied from Taeyang instead of saying they mixed a variety of hip hop dance styles together. No you didn’t.

There is nothing wrong with Tpop, I like Tpop when it’s good, when they are not trying to copy Kpop.

Source : Written by kacey(not me)

According to me, I don’t like if Howard copied Taeyang’s..But it’s okay,I forgive him.